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Our goal is to provide you the most suitable service to meet your individual skin care needs. We will make every attempt to provide quality medical care and create a friendly and professional relationship between you and the physician and staff.

Rivergate Dermatology strives to stay on top of the latest technology and treatments available in skin care. We want to help keep your skin as healthy as the rest of you.

Mohs Surgery Center

The standard methods used to treat skin cancer include surgical treatments: routine excision, electrodesiccation and curettage (scrape and burn), as well as several newer nonsurgical options: topical cancer fighting creams and photodynamic therapy (light activated chemicals applied to the skin cancer). All of the above treatments can be highly effective in experienced hands and with select tumors. Sometimes, however, these methods are unsuccessful because the skin cancer has irregular extensions (“roots”) into the surrounding normal appearing skin that are missed. Mohs micrographic surgery is a highly specialized technique for the removal of skin cancer. It was originally developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Frederick Mohs and has been refined since, gaining substantial application since the 1980’s. Originally, chemicals were applied to the skin during surgery. These chemicals are rarely used today; but occasionally the name chemosurgery is associated with the procedure. Although very precise, the major drawbacks of the procedure are that it is somewhat time consuming and requires specialized training, personnel, and equipment. Consequently, Mohs surgery is offered at only a few major medical centers and outpatient clinics in the country. There are three surgical steps to Mohs micrographic surgery:

  1. The surgical removal or “scraping off” of the visible portion of skin cancer (debulking).
  2. The surgical removal of a thin layer of tissue at the bed of the cancer. Before the tissue is examined, it is marked with colored dyes to distinguish top from bottom and right from left. A detailed map of the tissue is also made in reference to the defect on the patient. By doing this, any remaining tumor identified on microscopic examination can be pinpointed exactly on the patient. The tissue is also processed in a unique manner, which will allow examination of the entire margin of the specimen.
  3. The examination of this excised thin tissue layer under the microscope. By examining the entire edge and underside of the tissue, any area of residual cancer can be traced out. If more is seen, a thin layer of additional tissue is excised only from the involved area.The microscope examination is then repeated. This entire process is repeated until no tumor is found. Mohs micrographic surgery provides patients with the highest chance for cure of even complicated skin cancers with preservation of the maximal amount of normal tissue. A frequent reason for being referred for Mohs surgery is that other forms of treatment have failed. This does not mean that you are cancer prone or have a hopeless case. It merely means that methods used to treat you in the past did not destroy all of your skin cancer cells. Because Mohs micro-graphic surgery uses complete systematic microscopic control to search out the “roots” of the cancer, it cures almost all patients. Even when other treatments have failed, the cure rate can be as high as 95%; and for new skin cancers, 99%. Unfortunately, no surgeon or technique can guarantee 100% chance of cure at the present time.

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American College of Mohs Surgery

Psoriasis Center

Psoriasis and Research TeamOne of the most devastating dermatological diseases a person can face is psoriasis.  Globally, psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin disease.  2-3% of the U.S. population is affected by psoriasis.  Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, is, for most patients a chronic, life-long condition.  Many patients remain untreated due to lake of treatment knowledge.  We take pride in having a Psoriasis Center here at Rivergate Dermatology.  We have 3 Psoriasis nurses who take pride in developing relationships with our patients.  These nurses provide education and training.  They assist in treatments overseen by our providers.  This team also works hard to get insurance approval for the treatments needed by our patients.  Some of the treatment options offered at our Psoriasis Center include:

Photo Therapy (UVB, UVA, PUVA, topical PUVA)
Oral Agents (Methotrexate, Soriatane, Otezla)
Biologics (Enbrel, Humira, Stelara, Cosentyx)

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psoriasis-and-research-team-300x225Peggy Washer: Peggy has been with Rivergate Dermatology for over 17 years.  She has been in the medical field since 1979.  Peggy specializes in patient/subject care and assists with study procedures.  Peggy is also the coordinator of the research department.  Peggy worked in the Critical Care Unit at Sumner Regional Medical Center for 12 years prior to joining our team in 1998.

Janet Reed: Janet has been with Rivergate Dermatology for over 13 years.  Janet is our Administrative Specialist for research studies with clinical knowledge and skills.  Janet worked for Quest laboratories and Metro General Hospital prior to joining our team.

Amanda McCarroll: Amanda has been with Rivergate Dermatology for 2 years.  She specializes in patient/subject care and assists in study related procedures.  Amanda worked at Northcrest Medical Emergency Department, Women’s Services, and ENT and Allergy Clinic for almost 10 years prior to joining our team.

All of our Research staff is required to have continuous education and attend study related conferences regularly.

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Main Location:
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Aesthetics Center

Aesthetic Center

We are pleased to offer physician based Aesthetic Services in a relaxing atmosphere. Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional product lines are available only in medical clinics and ensure the highest quality treatment.

Call for a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed Aestheticians today. We look forward to providing your skin care needs!

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Dr. Loven’s Interview

Rivergate Dermatology and Skin Care Center’s Dr. Keith Loven joined Community Health Matters to explain psoriasis symptoms and treatment options.